Lessons Programs

Our team is a year-round program. Whether you like your children to practice diving  for entertainment or competition, diving is more than a sport. Diving will not only  develop children's visual, mental and motor skills but also will help them to increase determination and self-confidence.

Learn to Dive

 The goal of this program is to introduce basic diving skills required for the
 safe practice of diving. A promotion to a higher level is based on coaches 
 recommendation. For more information click here.
Future Champions and Junior Olympics 
 This program is designed to teach and improve more complex diving skills 
 and prepare divers for competition on different levels. For more information click here.

Spring and Summer Camps                                        

 This is a good opportunity for your children to learn, improve, and have 
 fun. Give your children the opportunity to discover a different world. We 
 promise they will have the time of their life. For more information click here.
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